How to edit email and SMS within a campaign

In this article, we will learn how to edit email templates and SMS within a campaign. Make sure you edit templates within the campaign only. If you edit them from the email template library, which is outside the campaign then the changes will not reflect in the templates used in the campaign. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

To edit the campaign go to the campaigns and click on the Edit button

Go to the OPEN FLOW EDITOR and the flow editor will open. Now click on the Email you want to edit and on the right-hand side click on the EDIT CONTENT to edit the email template.

Once the email template is saved, click on the SAVE button to save the changes and then click on the CONTINUE button from the top right-hand to go to the flow

Click on the SMS to edit the message and edit the SMS message and you can also change the message setting if required, like discount code, emoji, etc.

Once all the changes are done, click on the SAVE button to save the flow. Now, the campaign is Saved Successfully

Once the flow is saved, you can close the flow editor and SAVE the campaign.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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