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Tap-to-Capture Mobile Subscription is a convenient feature that enables users to subscribe to our service without the hassle of manually entering their phone numbers. By simply tapping on the designated button, users will be seamlessly redirected to their SMS messaging app with the phone number and text already prefilled for their convenience.

Before utilising this feature, it is important to note that completing the business verification process is mandatory. This verification ensures that we adhere to necessary regulations and guidelines for sending SMS messages. Once you have successfully completed the business verification process, you will be eligible to use Tap-to-Capture Mobile Subscription hassle-free.

You can complete the business verification at https://app.shopagain.io/channels/sms

⚠️ Please note that this is a mobile only feature and will not work on desktop, instructions on how to make the popup mobile only are outlined at the end of this document.

Tapping on tap to subscribe on the popup below will open the SMS messaging app on the user's phone with the details prefilled.
Sample popup with tap to subscribe

How to enable this feature

Drag and drop the button component into the popup.
button block

Click on the button to open its settings.
Under button action select "Tap to capture mobile"
button actions

tap to capture mobile

⚠️ This is a mobile only feature and will not work on desktop, make sure that your popup is displayed only on mobile by following these steps.

Open popup configuration by clicking on "Edit Config" next to the popup.

Under step 2 of popup configuration, select "Mobile" under "Show on", this will make sure that the popup is displayed only on mobile and not on desktop.

You can clone this popup for desktop using the clone option and use a phone text field instead of a tap to capture button.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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