Using click tracking for DLT templates

⚠️ This guide is applicable only for Indian SMS using DLT platforms.

Click tracking is done by converting the original URL in the SMS to a shortened URL, the short URL redirects the user to the original URL. An unique link is sent to each recipient.

Creating template in DLT

While creating a template in your DLT account, use a variable in-place of the link in the template message, variables can be added to DLT templates using {#var#}
For example, in the template message below, we have replaced the link with {#var#}

Original messageReplaced link with variable for click tracking, use this while creating a template in your DLT account
Sale ends today, shop now https://www.example.comSale ends today, shop now {#var#}

While creating your SMS campaign, paste the original message with the link and make sure Enable Link Tracking is checked as shown in the screenshot below.

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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