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How to create a popup

In this article, We will create a simple email signup popup to grow our email subscriber list. On the left menu, expand popups and click on Create Popup. You can choose an option: Pick From Library or Create from Scratch. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

On the left menu, expand Popups.

And click on Popup Library.

Choose a template that you like, we'll go ahead with this.

Give your popup a relevant name. Click on OPEN POPUP EDITOR to start designing your popup. We'll get started by dragging a Text Input Field, which will act as our email input.

Next, we'll add a Button using which users can submit the form.

Add a side image to give our popup some basic styles. Click on the Style tab

Next, let us add a discount code to the success popup; this Is what the users will see once they submit the form. Click on the success tab button on top to open the success popup design. We'll now add a discount code block to the success popup. Drag the discount code block onto the editor area.

Save the popup and close the editor. Select the discount code you want to use in the success popup.

Hit NEXT. The Configure step allows you to configure the popup behavior. Choose whether you want to show this popup to all visitors or to exclude existing ShopAgain profiles from seeing this popup.

Using the Location filter, you can include or exclude certain countries from seeing this popup; for example, you might want to show this popup only in the United States or Canada, or show this popup in all countries except for the United States or Canada.

If you want to publish a popup on a specific date and time automatically, you can do so here.

Selecting Loading Delay will not show the popup until one of the following conditions are met; you can decide which conditions you want to include in the delay logic.

Delay the popup until the user starts to exit the page, aka exit-intent popups.

Show the popup after a certain amount of seconds have passed.

Or wait until the user scrolls a certain percentage of the screen.

Optionally specify a list to which the subscribers collected with this popup are added.

You can review your popup configuration on the summary screen.

Hit SUBMIT once you are done.

Publish the popup to your store by enabling this switch.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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