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How to View Popup Analytics

Want to see how well your popups are doing? This guide will show you how to check the analytics for your popups step by step. This way, you can see what's working and make any changes if needed. Let's get into it!

1. Access Your Popups:

- Sidebar Navigation: Go to 'Popups & Forms' and then select 'Popups'.
Popups & Forms From Sidebar
Select Popups

2. Dive into Individual Popup Analytics:

- Once you see the list, click on the 'Analytics' button next to each popup to view its detailed statistics.

3. Decipher the Metrics:

- The popup analytics break down as follows:
- Views: Number of viewings.
- Submits: User interactions.
- Dismisses: Count of users who closed the popup without any interaction.
- Quick Dismisses: Those who dismissed the popup in under 5 seconds.
- Email Subscriptions: Opt-ins via email.
- SMS Subscriptions: Opt-ins via SMS.
- Opt-in Rate: Percentage of users who chose to opt in.
Popup Analytics

4. Adjust the Date Range:

- Remember, you can modify the date range for these metrics to see performance over different periods.
Date selection

- If your popup includes a button action set to 'Go to Url', the 'Link Clicks' metric will appear. This metric indicates the number of users who clicked on that link. For a clearer understanding, refer to the example screenshot below:
Button type should be Go To Url

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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