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Configuring Pop-Ups for Specific Pages

Step 1: Access Popup Configuration

First, navigate to the popup configuration by clicking on Edit config located in front of the popup entry. This action will lead you to the initial settings for your popup.

Click on Edit Config

Step 2: Navigate Further

After accessing the configuration settings, click on Next to proceed to the detailed settings page.

Click on Next

Step 3: Set Targeting Rules

In the targeting section, focus on the subsection labeled Pages under Inclusion Rules. Here, click on Add Custom Rule to specify which pages should trigger the pop-up.

Click on Add Custom Rule

Step 4: Define URL Matching Criteria

Once you've clicked to add a custom rule, select an operator based on your preference:
- Contains: This option allows partial matching of URLs. You can use the full URL like or just a part like products/whatsapp. This operator is flexible and can match URLs that include additional parameters.
- Exact Match: This operator requires an exact match of the URL specified. Note that using Exact Match will not match URLs that have additional tracking parameters (UTMs). Therefore, it is advisable to use a simplified URL like products/whatsapp to ensure it matches the intended page without the influence of added parameters.


Step 5: Save the Configuration

Click on Save to apply and save your configurations. This final step ensures that all your settings are stored and will be active on the specified pages.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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