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Highlighting Discounted Prices in Emails and Widgets

In this guide, we'll explain how to highlight discounted prices in your email campaigns and store widgets. Highlighting discounted prices is a crucial marketing strategy that helps attract customers' attention to special offers or deals on your products.

Our platform offers an easy way to display these discounts directly within your product blocks in your email campaigns and store widgets, providing this information is already set up in your store.

Highlighting Discounted Prices in Emails

To highlight discounted prices in your email campaigns, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Access the Email Template
Start by accessing the email template you want to edit or create a new one.

Step 2: Select a Product Block
Select product block in your email template.

Select product block

Step 3: Enable 'Highlight Discounted Price'
In the pricing section of the product block, find and enable the Highlight discounted price option by toggling the button on.

Turn on highlight Discounted Price

Please note that this option will only work if you have a discount box included in your email template.

Once done, the discounted price will reflect in your emails and previews.

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Highlighting Discounted Prices in Emails

Highlighting Discounted Prices in Store Widgets

To showcase discounted prices in your store widgets, the data needs to be adjusted directly in your store. Here's how:

Step 1: Update Pricing in Store
Go to your Shopify store and select Products.

Click on products from side bar

Choose the product for which you want to highlight a discounted price.

Click on the product which you want to to highlight a discounted price

In the product details, scroll down to Variants.
Click on Edit as shown below.

Click on the edit as shows below from variants section

In the Pricing section, you will see two fields: Price and Compare-at price. Enter your product's discounted price in the Price field and the original price in the Compare-at price field. The Compare-at price should be higher than the Price to display a markdown. It's often shown with a strikethrough (e.g., $25.00 $20.00).

Enter Compare-at price has shown below

Step 2: Customize Widgets in Our Shop

Once you've configured your store's pricing, return to Shopagain and Select Recommendations from sidebar.
Click on Recommendations from sidebar

Now select widgets under Recommendations from sidebar.
Click on Widgets

Now click on customize your widgets.
Click on Customize Widget

Expand price section.
By clicking on it expand this Price section

In the price section, enable the Show Price option. This will display price in widgets.

By clicking on checkbox enable Show price

Scroll down and enable the Show Discount Price option. This will display your discounted price with a strikethrough.

Scroll down and enable show discount price

Displaying discounted price

You can also enable the Show Discount Banner option. This will display the percentage of the discount at the top left of the product images in your widgets.

Now you can see Percentage of discount at top left of products in widgets

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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