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How to use cross-sell on your Shopify store

Using Cross-Sell on ShopAgain

What is cross-selling?
Encouraging customers to purchase a product or a service that goes along with the one they have already bought from you is known as cross-selling.
If you have sold someone some tea, the natural product to cross-sell with it would be a cup or a mug. If you are selling someone a phone, then a phone cover, or a screen guard is the item you should look to cross-sell.
Cross-sell items complement each other, so the customer has a reason to purchase both.
Marketers may cross-sell to customers during or after the purchase process.

What makes cross-sell an important marketing technique?
Not only does it boost revenue through additional sales, but it also increases customer satisfaction, builds stronger relationships with them, and boosts engagement.

Using the Cross-Sell Widget on ShopAgain
In the ShopAgain app, expand Widgets on the left sidebar and click on the page where you would like to add widgets, in this case, the cross-sell widget.


Enable the cross-sell widget and click on save.

To change the heading under which the cross-sell widget displays products on your website, type a new heading into the text box option on the widget.
This new heading will now be displayed across the web pages on which this widget is active.

If you encounter this popup, your store uses a theme 2.0-based template on that page, follow the steps below to proceed.

theme 2.0

Instructions for Shopify theme version 2.0 (31 Aug 2021)

For the widget to appear on a page, the ShopAgain widgets block needs to be added via the Shopify theme editor. The following steps will help you guide through the process.

Click on the Customise theme option under the Themes section of your store.

open theme in the store

Select the page where you would like to add widgets using the page selection option on top.

Page selection

On the sidebar, click on "add block" wherever you would like the widgets to appear

add block

and search for "shopagain widgets", Click on "ShopAgain Widgets" from the list to add the block to the page.
ShopAgain Widgets

Make sure you press save in your Shopify theme editor once you are done.

Once the app block has been added, you can enable or disable widgets on that page from the ShopAgain app’s dashboard,

Customise Widgets

Go to Customise Widget under Widgets. Here you can customize the styling of the widget. Press Submit to save.

Customise Widget

To enable the widgets in the mini cart

To enable the widgets in your mini cart it requires one extra step.

Go to Themes, From the Actions dropdown select Edit code.

In your code find the mini cart page and place the bellow div tag for the respective widget.
<div class="shopagain_widgets_up_sell_mini_cart"></div>Up Sell
<div class="shopagain_widgets_hot_products_mini_cart"></div>Trending Products
<div class="shopagain_widgets_best_sellers_mini_cart"></div>Best Sellers
<div class="shopagain_widgets_recently_viewed_mini_cart"></div>Recently Viewed

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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