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Built-in Segments

Our platform provides 15 prebuilt segments to help you categorize and analyze user behavior. These segments offer a ready-made solution to track various aspects of user engagement:

1. Active users in last 180 days

Users who have interacted with the platform at least once in the last 180 days. Useful for understanding long-term engagement.

Conditions used to define the 'Active users in last 180 days' segment,

2. Active users in last 90 days

Users who have interacted with the platform within the last 90 days. A good metric for quarterly performance reviews.

3. Active users in last 30 days

Users active in the past month. Ideal for measuring short-term engagement and monthly performance.

4. Loyals active

Long-term users who regularly interact with the platform. These are your most engaged and valuable users.

Conditions used to define the 'Loyals Active' Segment

5. Loyals slipping away

Loyal users whose interaction has decreased recently. May require re-engagement strategies.

6. Loyals unengaged

Loyal users who have stopped interacting with the platform. High priority for re-engagement campaigns.

7. Repeats unengaged

Users who engaged more than once but have recently become inactive. Potential for reactivation with targeted offers.

8. Repeats slipping away

Repeat users whose activity is declining. Consider deploying retention tactics.

9. Repeats active

Users who have engaged multiple times and remain active. Maintain this group with ongoing engagement strategies.

10. One timers unengaged

Users who have interacted with the platform only once and became inactive. Might convert with the right incentive.

11. One timers slipping away

Single-interaction users whose activity is dwindling. Re-engagement may require special offers or attention.

12. One timers active

Users who have interacted once and are still active. New users with high potential for becoming loyal.

13. Signups unengaged

Users who signed up but never interacted with the platform. A segment to focus on for initial engagement.

14. Signups slipping away

New sign-ups that are less active than when they initially joined. Monitor closely for early-stage retention.

15. Signups active

New users who are actively engaging with the platform. Crucial for understanding the success of onboarding processes.

Important Note on Customization

To edit any of these built-in segments, you'll need to clone the segment first. Built-in segments are not directly editable to ensure the integrity of pre-defined metrics. After cloning, you can make any adjustments to the segment criteria as needed.

These segments can be used to monitor user activity, engagement patterns, and retention, allowing for tailored marketing strategies and user experience improvements.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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