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How to Measure Audience Growth via ShopAgain

Tracking your audience growth is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. With ShopAgain, you can monitor this growth through several metrics such as new subscribers, conversion rates, and popup analytics. Here's how:

Step 1: Access the Dashboard

Open the ShopAgain dashboard by clicking on 'Dashboard' from the sidebar.

Dashboard Option in Sidebar

Step 2: Select Date Range

On the right side of the dashboard screen, you'll see a date range field. Click on it and select the range you wish to analyze.

Date Range Field

Step 3: View Audience Growth

After setting your date range, look for the 'Audience Growth' section.

In this section, you'll find key metrics such as:
- New email subscribers
- New SMS subscribers
- Overall email subscribers
- Overall SMS subscribers

These metrics are also depicted in a graph showing the changes over your selected date range.

Audience Growth Metrics and Graph

Scroll further down to the 'Acquisition' section. Here, you'll see data like new signups, new signups conversion rate, and new customers. These figures are crucial in measuring your audience growth.

Acquisition Data Points

Step 4: Check Popup Analytics

For deeper insights, you should check your popup analytics. From the sidebar, go to 'Popups & Forms' and select 'Popups'.

Popups & Forms From SIdebar
Select Popups
You'll now see all your popups. Click on 'Analytics' for each popup you want to review.


The popup analytics offer an overview, including:

Popup Analytics

- Views
- Submits
- Dismisses
- Dismisses under 5 seconds
- Email subscriptions
- SMS subscriptions
- Opt-in rate
- Link clicks

Note: You can adjust the date range for these metrics too.

Date selection

Understanding and regularly monitoring these data points will give you valuable insights into your audience growth and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Regularly check these to keep up with your audience trends.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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