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Winback Segment for New Customers


Winback automations are essential for re-engaging customers who have become less active on your platform. To optimize these automations, creating the right segments is crucial. This guide outlines the steps for setting up a Winback Segment specifically for new customers on ShopAgain.


Before creating the segment, make sure to read our onboarding segments documentation here.

Steps to Create a Winback Segment for New Customers

Step 1: Navigate to the Segments Dashboard

Log in to your ShopAgain account.
From the main dashboard, go to the sidebar, click on Audience, and then click on Segments.

Image of Sidebar Showing "Audience and Segment" Options

Step 2: Initiate New Segment Creation

Click Create Segment located at the top left corner of the Segments Dashboard.

Image Showing Create Segment Button

Step 3: Input Segment Details

For Segment Name, input "Unengaged users".

Image Showing Segment Name

Set Conditions for the Segment

In the section labeled "All users who," choose performed.
In Event, select Placed Order.
For Count, enter zero_time.
In Any time, select the operator in_the_last.
Enter 90 for the unit days.

Step 4: Add Additional Criteria

Click AND also who.
Select Have a property.
In Property, choose No of Orders.
For the operator, choose >=.
Enter 1 in Count.

Image of Segment Configuration

Step 5: Save and Apply the Segment

After configuring all the segment details, click Save.

Image Showing Save Button

The segment "Unengaged users" for new customers is now ready for use in Winback Automations.


Creating a targeted segment for new customers can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your Winback Automations. By following this guide, you should be able to easily set up a Winback Segment for new customers on the ShopAgain platform. Feel free to explore other segmenting options to fine-tune your customer engagement strategies.

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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