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How to Import Users

How to Import Users

Step 1: Expand Audience

First, expand the audience section from the sidebar.
Expand Audience

Step 2: Click on Import Users

Navigate to and click on "Import Users".

Import Users

Step 3: Select List

You will have two options for selecting the list where you need to upload:

New List: If it's a new list, you'll enter the list name.
Existing List: If it's an existing list, select it from the dropdown.

New List

Existing List

Step 4: Select File Type

Choose between two types of files:

- Klaviyo
- Custom

Select the preferred option. If you select "Custom", proceed as follows:

Step 5: Verify Subscription Status in CSV

If you know that users are already subscribed to receive emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages, set the Email Subscription column for emails and the SMS Subscription column for SMS and WhatsApp to "True". If you know they are not subscribed, set these columns to "False" or another non-True status.

This adjustment ensures accurate subscription management during the upload process.


Step 6: Upload CSV File

Select your CSV file using the browse button.

Upload CSV File

Step 6: Map Columns

After selecting the CSV file, you need to map the columns. Each column from your CSV file should be matched to the corresponding field in the system. For example, map the "Name" column to "Full Name".

Column Mapping

Step 7: Submit

After all settings are configured, click on the "Submit" button to complete the import process.

Updated on: 16/06/2024

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