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What is a user segment?

A segment is a group of users. It is dynamic, which means it has a database query associated with it. Users can come and go out of a segment every day depending on their properties and segment query.

Segments are used to send campaigns. Consider a segment of users who made purchases of more than $75 in the last 90 days. These are your high-value customers. You can send a "Thank You" email to each user who joins this segment.

ShopAgain provides 12 pre-built segments to all customers irrespective of their plan.

Active new signups
Active one timer
Active repeats
Active loyals
At risk new signups
At risk one timer
At risk repeats
At risk loyals
Churned new signups
Churned one timer
Churned repeats
Churned loyals

You can create custom segments by clicking on the create segment button here

Updated on: 06/06/2022

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