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How to grow your SMS subscribers

In this article we will learn how to grow SMS subscribers. From the strategic to the actionable, use these methods to grow your SMS opt-in list fast.

Use a website pop-up to invite SMS opt-ins
Create urgency
Use a partner to cross-promote
Have a low bar to entry
Don’t forget a really sweet prize

Convert email subscribers to SMS subscribers because SMS messages average +90% open rates and +30% response rates. You can send an email marketing campaign to promote the advantages of VIP SMS updates. You can also add SMS opt-in as a CTA in email signatures across the company.

Before we set up the SMS popup lets check the SMS settings to verify that you have set up a phone number. If you dont have it, then you can follow the instructions and provision a number for your account.

There are three ways by which people can subscribe to your SMS messages:

Enable SMS subscription on Shopify checkout - Shopify provides and easy way to collect SMS subscribers using the checkout flow. Go to Settings > Checkout and accounts. Scroll down to find the Marketing options section. Enable the SMS option.

You will also have to update your Terms and Privacy Policy. You can use the template provided here.

Launch an SMS subscription popup - To set up SMS popup on website just click on the Popup from the left panel and click on the Popup Library

Popup library

Send an SMS - Your customers can send START to your dedicated mobile number to subscribe

SMS Settings

Scanning the QR code - You can download the QR code from the setting page and share it on social media or print it and display in your store. People can scan the photo using a phone then can subscribe.

Once people have subscribed, you can launch SMS campaigns to send them product launch messages or reminders for abandoned carts.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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