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Onboarding- Segments

A segment is a group of users defined by a certain set of common rules that could be profile, behavioural, or interests based. Lets see how to create one on Shopagain

Get started by clicking on Audience,

then Segments,

this will open the segments list, click on *Create Segment*

You can start by giving your segment a relevant name.

In this case, we'll be creating a segment of users who placed orders more than once in the last 30 days, and their order value was more than $10

To begin with, lets create a condition that includes all users who placed more then one order.

Click on add condition to create your first condition.

Click on performed an event.

we'll select placed order as our event,

greater than equals to as our operator

and finally, 1 as our count.

We now have, Performed placed order with count greater than or equals to 1.

Lets go deeper by adding more filters to this segment. Click on +Property to add our first property

we only want the users that placed order with order value more than $10.

So we'll select order value as the property.

greater than as our operator.

$10 as the value

we want to restrict ourselves to last 30 days, to do that, we'll add a time window by clicking on the +time window button,

select *in the last* as our operator

30 days as the value

Let us verify what we have built.

All users who performed event placed order | with count greater than or equal to 1 | and where | order value is greater than $10 | any time in the last 30 days

Save the segment by clicking on the save button on the top right.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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