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Register for WhatsApp Business API on ShopAgain

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Register for Gupshup account
Add ShopAgain as Partner
Connect ShopAgain with Gupshup

ShopAgain now offers using WhatsApp Business API through our Gupshup. You can use it for campaigns or help desk to respond to messages.


To use WhatsApp on ShopAgain, you must have a verified Facebook Business Manager account. You can learn more about the process here.
You will also require a valid phone number that can receive an SMS or phone call from Facebook to authenticate the number. This number should never be used on whatsapp app or any other business whatsapp api.
If you want to use an existing phone number that you currently use on WhatsApp app, then you will have to delete your WhatsApp account on the app. Follow the instructions here.

Overview of all the steps

This would take 15-20 minutes if you have a verified Facebook Business Manager and a mobile phone ready to go.

You have to signup for a GupShup account and create your Gupshup WhatsApp App. It will guide you through Facebook verification and create your profile.
You will then add ShopAgain (LatticeAI Inc.) as a partner. Our partner id is 2062.
Then you can purchase the WhatsApp add on ShopAgain and configure your Gupshup App Id.
Once your account is setup, then you will be able to create WhatsApp templates and use them.

Register for a Gupshup account and connect your phone number - step by step guide

Go to the Gupshup login page and click Sign up here

Sign in to your account and then click Create App

Select Access API on the next step

Give your app a name

Connect your Facebook Account by clicking Go Live

Select New WABA and continue with the Facebook Signup Flow

Use your business name and proceed with the signup on the Facebook authentication flow, once your account is connected

Add ShopAgain as a partner

Go to the setting page of your Gupshup app

Add LatticeAI Inc. (ShopAgain) as your partner. Our Gupshup partner id is 2062.

Once your GupShup account is setup, navigate to the Add Ons section on ShopAgain.
and purchase the Gupshup WhatsApp add on.

Go to your Gupshup dashboard, select your app and go to settings
We will need the 1. App ID and 2. App API key in the next step.

Go to WhatsApp settings
Copy the App ID and the App api key into the respective fields from the previous step.

How to use WhatsApp business API

To start sending promotional whatsapp messages, you have to submit a template to WhatsApp. It takes 1-2 business days for Facebook to approve the template. After that, you can use the approved templates in campaigns by following this article.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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