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How to create WhatsApp template message

In this article, we will learn how to create WhatsApp templates.

Creating the template

In the left sidebar go to WhatsApp->Message Templates and click on the Create Template button

Now give it a proper name and write the WhatsApp Message you want to send. Templates use placeholder values that can be replaced with dynamic content inside double curly braces ({{ ... }}) when the message is sent. if the template is : Your login code for {{ 1 }} is {{ 2 }} Example of a message sent using this template: Your login code for Twilio is 12345.

If you have variables then you have to map that variables with proper merge tags while sending it to the users. As you can see on the left side you will find merge tags for variables. Map that with proper variable and the also write sample data on the right side.

You can add Image as a header also into the template.

Now click on the Send for approval .

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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