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How to add image or videos to WhatsApp templates

Incorporating media into your WhatsApp templates can significantly enhance the engagement and effectiveness of your messages. Before we dive into the steps, it's important to note the cost implications of sending images through WhatsApp using the ShopAgain platform. For detailed pricing information, please refer to this document on image pricing.

Step 1: Header Type Selection

When creating your template, you'll come across the 'Header Type' option. You have three choices:
- Image: To add an image to your template's header.
- Video: To include a video in your template's header.
- None: If you prefer not to use a header media.

Image showing the header type dropdown

Step 2: Adding an Image

If 'Image' is selected as the header type, you'll encounter further options:

Image Type

Choose between:
- Static: For a fixed image in all messages.
- Dynamic: To dynamically insert images based on certain criteria.

Image showing image type options

Static Images

For static images, click 'Choose Image' to select an image from your gallery. This option uses a fixed image in all messages sent with this template.

Image showing the static image selection process
static image uploaded

Dynamic Images

- Choose between 'Product Image from Order' or 'Product Image from Abandoned Cart' for dynamic content.

Selecting Image type as dynamic
Image showing dynamic image options

Step 3: Adding a Video

If 'Video' is chosen as the header type, you will need to upload the video file. This adds a video directly into the template's header, making your message visually appealing.

Image showing the video upload option

For detailed instructions on creating a WhatsApp template, refer to How to Create WhatsApp Template Message.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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