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Migrate your WhatsApp number from another provider to Gupshup

ShopAgain has partnered with Gupshup to provide WhatsApp campaigns and customer support functionality to you. If you already have been using WhatsApp with another provider, you can carry over the number and the associated templates to Gupshup. In this tutorial, we have documented the steps need to migrate your number to Gupshup

Steps to migrate your WhatsApp:
Sign up for a Gupshup account
Create an Access API app
Apply for migration

Register for a Gupshup account and connect your phone number - step by step guide

Go to the Gupshup login page
and click Sign up here

Sign in to your account and then click Create App

Select Access API on the next step

Give your app a name

Connect your Facebook Account by clicking Go Live

Select "Migrate a live phone number"

Select "Instant onboarding with Facebook Embed" to authorize with Facebook

Once this is done, your number should be live on Gupshup.

Add ShopAgain as a partner on your Gupshup account

Follow the steps in this document to authorize ShopAgain with your Gupshup account

Finding help

If you get stuck with setting up your account, we recommend that you email Gupshup with your Gupshup customer id to set up your account.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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