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How to show unsubscribe footer in WhatsApp templates


For businesses and brands that communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, it's crucial to provide an opt-out option. By integrating an unsubscribe footer into your WhatsApp templates, you ensure that recipients have the agency to decide on receiving future messages.

- Trust Building: Demonstrates transparency and respects user preferences.
- Regulation Compliance: Abides by digital communication and privacy laws.

Access WhatsApp Templates:
- Open the sidebar.
- Click on WhatsApp Templates.

Click on WhatsApp Templates

Choose Your Template:
- If creating a new template, click on Create Template.

Creating New Template

- If you wish to modify an existing template, click on Edit next to the desired template.

Click on edit

Footer Section:
- Scroll down to the Footer (Optional) section.
- In this section, incorporate the text "To unsubscribe from these messages, reply 'STOP'".

Adding text to Footer

Best Practices:

- Clear Language: Ensure the unsubscribe instructions are clear and concise.


Offering an unsubscribe option is not just about compliance; it's about building a trusting relationship with your audience.

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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