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Does Adding Images Cost Extra in WhatsApp?


This document provides detailed pricing for sending images through WhatsApp using the ShopAgain platform.

Specific Messaging Fees

- Template Message Fee: 0.001 USD for outgoing text/media up to 64KB.
- Session Message Fee: 0.001 USD for outgoing text/media up to 64KB and for all incoming text/media.

Fee Structure for Outgoing Media

Media Size RangeMedia Fee (USD)
Up to 64KBFree
> 64KB to 5MB0.0010
> 5MB to 10MB0.0020
> 10MB to 15MB0.0030
> 15MB to 20MB0.0040
> 20MB to 25MB0.0050
> 25MB to 30MB0.0060
> 30MB to 35MB0.0070
> 35MB to 40MB0.0080
> 40MB to 45MB0.0090
> 45MB to 50MB0.0100
> 50MB to 55MB0.0110
> 55MB to 60MB0.0120
> 60MB to 65MB0.0130
> 65MB to 70MB0.0140
> 70MB to 75MB0.0150
> 75MB to 80MB0.0160
> 80MB to 85MB0.0170
> 85MB to 90MB0.0180
> 90MB to 95MB0.0190
> 95MB to 100MB0.0200
Outgoing media > 100MBNot Allowed

Additional Information

- Incoming Media: Free for any size.
- No Setup or Maintenance Fees.

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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