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Using Click Tracking for Templates in WhatsApp

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up and track click-through rates for your WhatsApp templates. This process involves creating a template with a call-to-action (CTA) button, attaching it to an automation or campaign, and then analyzing the click rate.

Part 1: Creating a WhatsApp Template

Navigate to Conversations from Sidebar.

Expand Conversations

Expand the drop-down menu and click on WhatsApp Templates.

Click on WhatsApp Templates

Click on Create Template.

Clicking on Create Template

On the new screen, you'll have a few fields to fill out:

Fill all necessary details

- Template Name: Choose a name for your template. This name should be indicative of its purpose.
- Category: Select the category that best represents the nature of the template.
- Button Type: Choose Call to Action Button.

This is critical as the click tracking can only be applied to templates with a Call to Action button.

- Header Type: Choose 'None' or 'Image', based on your preference.
- Language: Choose the language in which your message will be composed.
- Message: Type the message you want to deliver to your audience.

Under the Buttons section:

- Type of action: Choose your preferred action (e.g., 'URL').
- Button text: Type 'View'.
- Enable link tracking (uses URL shortener): Ensure this option is checked.
- Select URL type: Choose your preferred URL type (e.g., 'DYNAMIC').
- Map website URL: Select or input the appropriate website URL you wish to use (e.g., 'CompanyWebsite').

Configuring buttons in WhatsApp template

After all fields are filled out, click Send for Approval. This will submit your template for review.

Click on Send For approval

Please note: the click tracking feature can only be used with templates that have a 'Call to Action' button.

Part 2: Applying the Template to an Automation or Campaign

Now that we've created a template, let's see how to attach it to an automation or campaign:

Navigate to the automation or campaign where you want to attach the template.
Click on Flow.

Click on flow respective campaign or automation

Then drag and drop a WhatsApp Node and then click on WhatsApp Node which you added into flow.

Click on WhatsApp Node

From the right side bar, you should be able to select and apply the template you created earlier.

Select the WhatsApp template

Part 3: Viewing Click Rates

Method 1: Individual Template Click Rate

To view the performance of individual WhatsApp templates:

Navigate to the automation or campaign where you want to view the template's performance.
Click on Flow.

Click on flow respective campaign or automation

After selecting the WhatsApp Note in the flow, look at the right side bar.

Click on Node

Click on Analytics from the side bar.

Click on Analytics

Here, you will see a Click Rate option. If there are multiple templates in the flow, you can navigate through each to view their specific click rates.

Viewing individual template click rate

Method 2: Aggregate Click Rate for Campaigns or Automations

For a broader perspective of how your templates are performing in a campaign or automation:

Navigate to the automation or campaign where you want to view the aggregate performance.

Click on Analytics.

Viewing aggregate click rate for campaign

In the Analytics tab, scroll or navigate to find the WhatsApp section.

WhatsApp Section in Analytics

Here, you can view the aggregated Click Rate for all the templates used in the automation or campaign.

Click rate

Note: The 'Click Rate' will only be visible for templates that contain a 'Call to Action' button. Use this metric to measure the effectiveness of your templates and to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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