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Recommended Aspect Ratio for Images in Whatsapp Messages/Templates

Choosing the right image specifications for WhatsApp messages and templates is crucial to ensure that your content is displayed correctly and effectively engages your audience. Here are the guidelines for image size and aspect ratio for WhatsApp visual content.

Image Specifications for WhatsApp Templates

- File Size: Aim to keep the image file size under 64kb to ensure better performance and seamless integration with WhatsApp's interface.
- Resolution: A 2:1 aspect ratio is recommended for images. This provides a visually balanced presentation and makes full use of the chat window's dimensions.

How to Create WhatsApp Template Message

Incorporating Images into WhatsApp Templates

Adding images or videos to your templates can significantly amplify the message's appeal. Discover the process for integrating media elements to captivate your audience further.

How to Add Image or Videos to WhatsApp Templates

Visual content adds a layer of engagement to your communications, making them more impactful. Following these image guidelines ensures your messages are presented professionally and effectively.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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