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How to verify your Facebook Business Manager account?

A verified Facebook Business Manager is required to start using WhatsApp on ShopAgain. Read the official Facebook help doc -

We have listed down the step to make it easier for you.

Go to

Click on Settings

Select your business account from the dropdown on the left.

Selecting account from dropdown

Click on Business account info button.

Clicking on Business account info

Click on Go to business settings.

Clicking on Go to business settings

5 . Update all the business information like company name, address and phone numbers correctly. They should match the supporting documents that you will upload later.

Facebook Business manager

Now go to security center and add a backup admin. Ask all the admins to enable 2-factor authentication.

Security center

Once you have added backup admin then click "**Start Verification**" to begin.

Then you will be asked to upload two documents - one to verify business name and the other to verify address and phone numbers.

List of documents accepted for business name verification -

List of documents accepted for address and phone number verification

Facebook takes few days to verify your business manager. Check your email for the details if they reject your request and update the details accordingly.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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