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Getting Started With ShopAgain - First Steps

Getting started with ShopAgain

Welcome to ShopAgain! We’re so excited to have you here. As you start using our platform, you will see that we have made it very easy to automate several parts of running a successful retention program. This guide will help you to setup your account and get familiar with the platform. If you need help at anytime please email us at and we will get back to you.

1. Connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store:

The easist way to start using the product is to install the app on your store by going to Once you install the store, we begin to sync the data. It can take anywhere between 10 mins to couple of hours depending on the data. We sync last three years of data by default.

If you have multiple stores on shopify, you can add another store by clicking on the profile icon on top right. You can switch between multiple stores easily.

2. Invite your team:

You can invite as many team member as you want to. We do not restrict team size. Go to Settings > Team to invite new members to your team.

3. Launch a popup

You can pick up a design from the library and customize it to your liking. It takes less than five minutes to start collecting email and SMS subscribers.

4. Explore your customer data

We have made it super easy to explore customer segments. ShopAgain comes with 10+ pre-built segments to make life easier for you. You can create new segments and lists of users to run campaigns.

5. Design your Email and SMS campaigns:

Once you are ready with an idea for a campaign. You can design an email template from scratch or customize one from the template library. We recommend you to send emails to users active in the last one year so that you start slow and build a reputation for the domain.

6. Help videos

We also have a series of small videos inside the app that we recommend you to watch

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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