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Basics of a Campaign

A campaign is a sequence of one or more emails & SMS that is sent to your target group of contacts - think regular newsletters, sale announcements, or promotional messages.

Each campaign consists of three essential steps:

The messages (email or SMS) you want to send.
Who do you want to send it to (a list or segment of users, i.e., audience)
When do you like to send it (i.e., schedule or a trigger event)

Once you have decided on these three things, you can set up your campaign on ShopAgain.

Type of campaigns depending on messages:

Single-touch campaign - Sends one email or SMS per contact. Learn more here.
Multi-touch campaign - Sends multiple emails or SMS per contact. This type of campaign also allows you to add delays between messages, split your audience and send different messages based on certain conditions or A/B test other types of messages. Learn more here.

So a product launch can be a single-touch campaign, whereas an abandoned cart campaign can be a multi-touch campaign that can send several messages over a week to remind a customer to complete their purchase. Learn more here.

Type of campaigns based on the scheduling:

Scheduled campaign - Sends the campaign on a fixed date.
Action-based campaign - Sends the campaign when a customer does an action like abandoning a cart.

Based on the kind of messages and schedule, you can choose single-touch/multi-touch and scheduled/action-based campaigns.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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