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How to Add Variables/Merge Tags to SMS Templates

Using variables, or merge tags, in your SMS messages can greatly enhance personalization and engagement with customers. These special codes pull in personalized content from your customer records automatically.

Inserting Merge Tags in SMS

To insert a merge tag in an SMS template, follow these steps:

Click on the SMS text area where you wish to add personalized content.
Type the opening curly bracket { to display the list of available merge tags.
Select the desired merge tag to insert, for instance, {{FirstName}}.

Here's an example of an SMS with merge tags:

"Hi {{ FirstName }}, your order {{ OrderNumber }} is ready to be collected at {{ UserCity }} branch."

For additional personalization, ShopAgain allows the use of default values for template variables. This is useful for when customer-specific information is not available.

How to Use Default Values for Template Variables in ShopAgain

For Email Templates:

In addition to SMS, merge tags can be used to personalize email templates. For more detailed instructions on this, please refer to:

How to use variables/merge tags in the email template (detailed)

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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