A single touch campaign lets you send an email or SMS to a segment/list of users or all your subscribers. These type of campaigns are usually sent for product launches or promotional messages for holiday season. You can also send a campaign to win back old customers who have not purchased in a while. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

Each campaign consists of three essential steps
The message (email or SMS) you want to send
Who do you want to sent it to (a list or segment of users)
When do you want to send it (i.e. schedule)

Let's begin. Navigate to https://app.shopagain.io/create-campaign

Step 1: Compose
Fill the compose step with details about the campaign.
Select Single Touch as campaign type and Email as Messaging Channel.
Select your email template.
Add a subject line and an optional email preview text. Preview text is shown next to email subject is some email providers like Gmail.

Compose campaign

Step 2: Audience
You can send it to all your user or choose a segment or list of users

Campaign Audience

Step 3: Schedule
If this is a promotional content then you can choose Scheduled delivery.
If you want to send this campaign based on an activity a user has performed like Subscribed to Email then you can choose Action based delivery and select the action.
You can run this campaign as soon as you press the start button or choose to schedule it at a later date.
Smart batch sending allows you to deliver this campaign in batches over then next few days so that we can minimize spam landing and monitor how the email is performing. We recommend that you leave this on whenever you are sending emails to large lists.

Campaign Schedule

Step 4. Summary
You can verify all the settings on summary screen and save it. You can also start the campaign if you are ready.

Campaign Summary
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