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How to create a single touch campaign

ShopAgain's single touch campaign offers the flexibility to send messages via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Targeting either a specific segment or all your subscribers, this feature is invaluable for various purposes, including product launches, promotional messages irrespective of special events or holidays, and re-engaging dormant customers.

Getting Started

- URL:

Step 1: Compose

Compose campaign
Campaign Name: Enter the name of the campaign.
Campaign Type: Select Single Touch from the radio button.
Messaging Channel: Choose your preferred channel. For this guide, select Email.

Click on the Next button.
Clicking on Next Button

Step 2: Email Content

Email subject: Enter the subject of the email.
Email preview text: Enter an optional preview text. This will be shown next to the email subject in certain email providers.
Showing Email Content

Click on Design Email.
Clicking on Design Email button

Select your email template.
Email Template selection

Click on Save and Continue.
Screenshot showing Save and Continue button

Click on Next.
Clicking on Next Button

Step 3: Target Users

Choose the segment or list of users you want to target with this campaign.
Showing Target Users section

Click on Next.

Step 4: Campaign Delivery Time

Decide the best time for users to receive the campaign and select it.
Selecting campaign Delivery time

Smart Sending: Enable the smart sending features for a more optimized email delivery. For more information on this feature, click here.
Smart Sending

Click on Save.

Wrapping up

Once all steps are completed, you can review the settings and Launch the campaign when ready.
Launching Campaign

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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