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How to create a multi touch campaign

A multi-touch campaign lets you send multiple emails or SMS to a segment/list of users or all your subscribers. It is slightly more complicated than single touch campaigns, but it lets you create an elaborate flow of messages that you can send over several days.

You can split your audience based on certain conditions and send them separate messages, e.g., people who placed more than five orders can be sent a different message, and the remaining can be sent another message. You can also A/B test two different email messages and measure how they perform.

Multi touch campaign consists of four essential steps

The messages (email or SMS) you want to send
Who do you want to send it to (a list or segment of users)
When do you want to send it (i.e., schedule)
The order of messages and conditions, if any

Step 1: Navigate to Campaigns

From your dashboard sidebar, click on the Campaigns option.

Sidebar with the Campaigns option highlighted.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

On the top right of the Campaigns page, click on the Create Campaign button.

Create Campaign button on the top right.

Step 3: Enter Campaign Details

Enter your campaign name in the provided field.

Field to enter Campaign name.

Step 4: Select Campaign Type

Choose Multi-Touch as the campaign type from the dropdown menu.

Multi-Touch option.

Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 5: Select Target Users

Choose your target users based on your campaign goals.

Target user selection.

Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 6: Set Campaign Delivery Time

Choose your preferred campaign delivery time.

Campaign delivery time selection.

Expand Advanced Settings. Here, you can enable smart sending settings according to your needs. To learn more about smart sending, click here.

Smart sending settings.

You can also set your SMS quiet hours if you plan to incorporate SMS into your campaign.

SMS quiet hours settings.

Select a conversion event from the dropdown menu.

Conversion event selection.
Click Next to proceed.

Next button.

Step 7: Create Campaign Flow

Click Open Flow Editor to create your campaign flow.

Open Flow Editor button.
Campaign Flow

Step 8: Save Flow

Click Save.

Save button

After this, navigate back to the Campaigns page.

Close Button with icon

Click Save or Launch based on your needs.

Save and Launch buttons.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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