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Understanding Campaigns and Automations

ShopAgain provides a powerful platform for engaging with your audience through two primary methods: Campaigns and Automations. This guide will elaborate on each, helping you discern their unique advantages and purposes.


Campaigns are pre-planned communications sent to a specific audience. They're proactive messages initiated by you, not automatically based on user behavior.

Features of Campaigns:

Scheduled Delivery: Define when your audience receives the message, perfect for newsletters, product launches, and announcements.
Targeted Audience: Direct your campaign to specific user groups or your entire contact list.
- Email: Ideal for detailed messages.
- SMS: Best for quick updates.
- WhatsApp: For real-time engagement.


Automations are communications set into motion by specific user actions or events. Once set up, they run automatically when predefined conditions are met.

Features of Automations:

Event-Driven: Messages are sent in response to specific user actions, such as account creation, making a purchase, or cart abandonment.
Personalized Touch: Content is tailored based on user actions, ensuring it's relevant and timely.
- Email: Suitable for detailed follow-ups or reminders.
- SMS: For urgent updates or confirmations.
- WhatsApp: To offer instant support or alerts.

Common Automation Triggers:

- Cross-Sell: Recommend complementary products or services.
- Welcome: Greet new users and set the tone for your brand relationship.
- Winback: Re-engage users who haven't interacted with your platform in a while.
- Browse Abandoned: Remind users of products they viewed but didn't purchase.
- Price Drop: Notify users when a product they're interested in becomes more affordable.
- Low Stock: Alert users when a product they've shown interest in is running low on stock.
- Abandoned Cart: Remind users to complete their purchases.
- First Purchase Anniversary: Celebrate the anniversary of a user's first purchase with special offers or messages.


ShopAgain empowers you to connect with your audience effectively. Whether you're orchestrating a meticulously planned campaign or crafting real-time responses with automations, our platform offers a rich array of tools. With a variety of channels at your disposal and in-depth insights into campaigns and automations, you're equipped to craft communication strategies that resonate deeply with your audience.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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