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Guide to Adding and Configuring Email Blocks in Flows


The Email Block is a critical element for building automated workflows in your Flow Editor. It allows you to design and dispatch automated emails as part of a larger sequence of actions. This guide will show you how to effectively incorporate an Email Block into your flow.

Steps to Use an Email Block in Flow Editor

Step 1: Drag the Email Block into the Flow

Open your Flow Editor.
Search for the email block in your collection of available blocks.

Image of Email Block

Drag and drop the email block into your flow.

Image of Drag and Drop

Step 2: Configure Email Block Settings

Click on the newly added email block.
An "Email Block Settings" panel will appear on the right side of the editor.

Image of Email Block Settings

In this panel, you need to fill out the following fields:
- Block Name: Provide a name that will help you identify this email block later.
- Email Subject Line: Write the subject line for the email.
- Email Preview Text: Provide a preview text that will appear below the subject line in the recipient's inbox.

Step 3: Design the Email

Click on the Design Email button within the settings panel.

You'll have the option to select a template for your email.
Image of Template Selection
After making your selection, you'll be redirected to the Email Editor where you can further customize your email.

Step 4: Save and Continue

Once you're happy with your design, click the Save button.
Then click the Continue button to return to the Flow Editor.

Image of Save and Continue Button

Step 5: Confirm Your Changes

Back in the Flow Editor, you should now see your attached email template within the email block.

Image of Attached Template

And there you have it! You've successfully added and configured an Email Block within your flow.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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