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How to save a content block in email editor for later reuse

Learn how to reuse specific blocks or sections within a template and avoid duplicative work. For example, if you have a particular block in all your email templates, you can save it to avoid recreating it from scratch in every new email. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

In ShopAgain’s template editor, you can save blocks. When you do, you can choose to apply future edits to every instance of the universal block across all templates. You can save any block as a saved block. If you make edits to a saved block within a template, those edits will not be reflected in other instances of the saved block.

Select a block that you want to save. Make sure you want to save a block and not just a part of the block. You can save the full block only.

Click on SAVE button to save the block

Now, enter the Category Name` or Tags or both and click on the Save Button and the block will be saved. To find the block, click on Blocks on the left hand side, and from the Search Bar you can search the block you just saved.

Search by Tags or the Category Name given to the block and select the block you want to use in the template.

You can drag and drop that block anywhere you want to reuse it in the same email template or other email templates.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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