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How to use Event in Segments

Integrate with ShopAgain

First, set up the integration by following the instructions here.

Using the Event in Segments

Learn how to effectively use the review created event to segment your users in ShopAgain, enhancing your targeted campaigns and automations.

Select the Event:
- Navigate to the Segments section in your ShopAgain dashboard.
- Choose review created as the event for segmenting users based on their review activities. in Segments

Add Properties (Optional):
- Refine your segment further by adding properties such as review rating, products, collections, or even filtering by specific time windows to target users more specifically. This enables more precise targeting, allowing you to engage with users based on detailed criteria, such as their interactions with particular product lines or during specific promotional periods.

Example Use Case

- Targeted Campaigns:
Use this segment to send personalized campaigns to users who have created reviews. For instance, send a special discount to users who have left a 5-star review.

- Automations Trigger:
Utilize the segments created with the review created event to trigger automations. Configure your automations to send targeted messages, such as thank you notes or discount offers, to users as they join these segments. This approach ensures that all future members of the segment automatically receive relevant communications through the configured channels (such as email, WhatsApp, or other messaging platforms) based on their review activities.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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