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Onboarding- Discount Code

You can create Fixed or Unique discount codes and use them across Email templates, SMS messages or popups.

In this article we will create a percentage discount code and use it in an email template.

On the side menu, expand Discount Codes and click on Create Discount.

This will open the discount code editor

You can either create fixed or unique discount codes.

Fixed discount codes are static and all recipients will receive the same discount code.

Unique discount codes are like templates that define the discount code characteristics. Each recipient will receive a unique code but they all have the
same characteristics which we will go through in the article next.

We will specify the Discount Code here, fixed discount codes will be the same as this value, for unique discount codes, this input will serve as a prefix, so the discount code that your recipients will see will begin with this value and end with a random string of characters.

Specify the type of discount code, it can be one of Percentage, fixed amount, free shipping, or buy x get y. The options below will change depending on what you select here, We will go ahead with Percentage discount in this video. Feel free to try out the other options.

We'll offer a 10% discount, so we'll enter 10 as the discount value.

Then select whether your discount code APPLIES TO all products, specific collections or specific products. We will select all products.

You can choose if you want to limit your discount code to a minimum purchase amount, a minimum quantity of items, or none if there are no such requirements.

You can put a limit on the number of times the discount code can be used in total or restrict the use of code to once per customer.

Specify the start time and optionally an end time for the duration in which the discount code will be valid. The times specified will be in store timezone.

Click on SUBMIT to save this discount code.

We will now use the newly created discount code in one of our Email Templates, similarly, you can use these discount codes in SMS Messages or Popups.

In the email editor, drag the DISCOUNT code block into the editor area.

Click on the dropped discount code to open options.

Configure Discount Code

Select the Discount Code.


Updated on: 13/02/2023

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