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Adding the Capability to Unsubscribe from a Particular Campaign

Shopagain provides the capability to add an unsubscribe option to your email campaigns or automations. This is facilitated through the built-in variable CampaignUnsubscribeLink. By including this in your email templates, it creates an unsubscribe link allowing users to opt-out from the specific campaign or automation.

Follow these steps to implement this feature:

**Step 1: Access Your Email Template**

Firstly, you need to access the email template you are planning to use in your campaign or automation.

In the body of your email template, decide where you would like to place the unsubscribe link. In that spot, you simply need to write {{CampaignUnsubscribeLink}}.

The addition of this variable should look like this:

If you wish to stop receiving emails from this campaign, please click here: {{ CampaignUnsubscribeLink }}

**Step 3: Save Your Changes**

Remember to save your updated email template before exiting.

**Step 4: Verify the Email**

Send a test email or preview the email to ensure the unsubscribe link appears correctly. It should be displayed as "Opt out of this campaign".

By implementing this, you allow your users to easily unsubscribe from a particular campaign or automation, thus improving their experience and ensuring you comply with email marketing laws and regulations.

Remember to add {{CampaignUnsubscribeLink}} to all templates you use in campaigns or automations where you want to give users the ability to opt out.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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