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How to add a discount code in your email template

In this article, we will learn How to add a discount code to your email template. Let's see how to add a discount code in an email template on ShopAgain. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

Go to the template editor, go to the right-hand side and click on the Content

Drag the Discount and drop where you want to put

Once the discount box is set up, click on the discount box, and the discount box editor will appear. You can edit the discount box from the right hand. Click on the Discount Code options, and all the options will expand.

Click on the FIXED CODE or a UNIQUE CODE to select the already created code from the drop-down.

SAVE that once the code is selected, explore more options from the editor. Like

Changing the background color of the box
Adding a background image
We can change the Title of the discount box
Button Color and much more

Once you are done with all the changes. Save the Templates.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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