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How to Add Text Over Images in Email Templates

This guide will show you how to add text over a background image in your email template using ShopAgain's email editor. If you haven't added a background image yet, please refer to Adding or Removing a Background Image in the Email Editor.


- An email template with a background image. Learn how to add one here.


1. Open Your Email Template

Navigate to the email editor where your background image is set.

2. Locate the Background Image Block

You should see the block where you have set the background image.

Locate Background Image Block

3. Drag Any Text Block, Heading, or Text As You Prefer

Choose text block, and drag it into the block containing the background image.

Drag Text Element

4. Place the Dragged Element into the Template

Once you've dragged your preferred text element, place it within the background image block in your template.

Place Text Element

5. Change Alignment by Adjusting Padding

You can align the text element by changing its padding settings. This will position the text element precisely where you want it over the background image.

Adjust Padding

6. Preview and Save

Before saving, make sure to preview the email template to ensure the text is visible and positioned correctly over the background image.


- Make sure your text color contrasts well with the background image for readability.
- Use the padding and alignment tools to position your text precisely where you want it over the image.


Adding text over a background image can make your email templates more dynamic and engaging. Always remember to preview your changes to ensure everything looks perfect.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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