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How to add variables/merge tags in emails and SMSes

In this article, we will learn how to how to add variables/merge tags in the email and SMS. Variable or Merge Tags are a bit of code that we can add to an email template or SMS to personalize customer information by pulling content from their records in an automated email program. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

You can use variables in three places:
Email template
Email subject line
SMS text

To add a variable/merge tag, you can click on any text or heading block where you want to add a merge tag. Open the curly bracket like this "{", and you will see the list of all the merge tags.

To add the variable, click on the merge tag. Let's say you will add the {{FirstName}} in the email template; then, it will personalize each email with the recipient's first name. Similarly, you can add a variable to SMS text or Email subject.

List of template variables that you can use:

FirstName: First name of the user
LastName: Last name of the user
UserCity: City of the user
CompanyName: Name of the Company
CompanyWebsite: Website of the Company
CompanyAddress: Address of the Company
CompanyEmail: Contact email of the Company
CompanyPhone: Contact phone number of the Company
UnsubscribeLink: Adds an unsubscribe link with the text "Unsubscribe" to the template.
CampaignUnsubscribeLink: Adds an unsubscribe link to unsubscribe from campaign with the text "Opt out of this campaign" to the template.
CampaignUnsubscribeUrl: URL to unsubscribe user from the campaign
SubscribeLink: A link that can be added to a button to confirm email subscription.
AbandonedCartUrl: Link of the abandoned cart. Available only on abandoned cart events. Use with a button or link.
DiscountCode: Display the selected discount code in the discount block.
DiscountCodeUrl: A link that can be added to a button or link to apply a discount code.
OrderStatusUrl: The URL pointing to the order status web page, only available on order events.
OrderNumber: Order number, only available on order events.
OrderAmount: Total price of the order, only available on order events.

There is another way to add variable tags is from the text block editor; click on the Merge tags

We can add merge tags in the SMS as well.

Yeah that's it, You can save the template after variables are added and you are good to go. The variables are replaced before sending the email or SMS message.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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