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How to apply a colored/patterned template background in the ShopAgain Email Editor

How to Apply a Colored/Patterned Template Background in the ShopAgain Email Editor

Changing the background of your email template can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your emails. Follow these steps to apply a new color or pattern to the background of your template in the ShopAgain email editor.

Step 1: Open the Email Template

- Open the email template you wish to modify.

Step 2: Select the Whole Email Template

- Click outside of the template to select the whole email template.

Selecting the whole email template

Step 3: Select the Template Background Option

- Look for the "Template background" option and select it.

Accessing the Template background option

Step 4: Choose Your Color or Pattern

- Use the color selector/picker to choose the color or pattern you want to apply to the selected section of your template.

Choosing a color or pattern

By following these simple steps, you can customize the background of your email templates in ShopAgain to better match your brand identity or the specific theme of your email campaign.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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