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How to Choose the Right Image Size for Emails

How to Choose the Right Image Size for Emails

Selecting the right image size for emails is essential for both visual appeal and email performance. This guide will help you understand how to optimize image size in terms of kilobytes (KB), length, and width.

Understanding Image Size Specifications

- Size in KBs: Aim for image sizes smaller than 400 KB, but the lower, the better for optimal performance.
- Length and Width: Dimensions depend on the email template width and the device used.

Optimal Dimensions for Different Devices

- Mobile Devices:
- Width: 390 pixels (px)
- Height: Between 190 and 250 px.
- Desktops/PCs:
- Width: Typically around 600 px, aligning with standard email template widths.
- Height: Around 400 px.

Determining Email Template Width

- To find the template width, click on the 'Body' section in your email template editor.

Template Editor Body Section
- This helps determine the ideal image width.

Highlighting the Body section in the template editor to find content width

Tips for Image Selection

- Height Consideration: Choose less height to accommodate different screen sizes.
- Mobile Responsiveness: Width should adapt to varying screen sizes on mobile.
- Desktop Width: More definitive and aligned with the template width on desktops.

Remember, effective email imagery balances aesthetic appeal with technical constraints. Aim for engaging yet quickly loading images.

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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