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How to collect reviews via WhatsApp?

How to Collect Reviews via WhatsApp?

Collecting customer reviews through WhatsApp can significantly enhance your business's credibility and customer satisfaction. This document guides you through creating a WhatsApp template to solicit reviews effectively.

Step 1: Create a Call to Action Template

Start by choosing 'Call to Action' as your button type when creating your template. This encourages users to interact directly from the WhatsApp message.

Button Type Selection

Step 2: Configure the Action Type

Set 'Visit URL' as the type of action to direct customers to a review page.

Action Type Configuration

Step 3: Select URL Type and Map Website URL

- Dynamic URL: Choose 'Dynamic' and map it to 'OrderFirstProductUrl' to direct customers to the product page they purchased.

Dynamic URL Selection

- Alternatively, if you want to direct customers to a general review page:
- Static URL: Select 'Static' and input the URL of your review page, such as

Static URL Configuration

Example Template Content

Dear {{ 1 }},
We hope you're enjoying your purchase from {{ 2 }}! 🎉 We'd be thrilled if you could take a moment to share your thoughts with a quick review. 🌟
Your feedback helps us serve you better and enriches our community.
Click here to review: {{ 4 }} 🔗
Best regards,
{{ 3 }} Team 🌟

Step 4: Map Your Variables

Define and map your variables to personalize the message:

- {{1}} FirstName: John
- {{2}} and {{ 3 }} CompanyName: ShopAgain
- {{4}} OrderFirstProductUrl:

Variable Mapping

Ensure your website or the specific product page has a review section enabled for this process to work effectively.

For detailed instructions on creating a WhatsApp template, please refer to How to Create WhatsApp Template Message.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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