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How to create a single touch SMS campaign

In this article, you will learn how to create a Single touch SMS campaign on ShopAgain. Basics of single touch SMS campaigns, what they are, and how to send them in ShopAgain.

SMS campaign is a one-time send to a pre-established target group of contacts — think regular newsletters, sale announcements, or promotional sends. An individual campaign can be created and sent immediately, or a campaign can be prepared and then scheduled to send later. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video click here

Building a New SMS Campaign

ShopAgain's campaign wizard guides you through the steps for creating your Campaign. First, navigate to the Campaigns tab and click Create Campaign.

Single touch campaign

Send a single message (Email/SMS) through a single marketing channel.

Multi-touch campaign

Send multiple messages (Email/SMS or both) through one or more than one marketing channels.

Let's see how to create a campaign on ShopAgain. Click on the Campaigns from the left panel and click on the first option Create Campaign.

Give your campaign a unique name and select the Single Touch campaign from the campaign type, select SMS from the message channel and draft a message.

If there are links in the message, check the automatically shortened links and check Add "STOP" to opt-out.

Click NEXT and select the target audience for the SMS campaign. Select the delivery type like Scheduled Delivery or action based delivery. Click SAVE button to save the campaign. Your campaign is ready to launch. Click on the Launch button from the right side.

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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