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How to Create WhatsApp Automations?

How to Create WhatsApp Automations

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up WhatsApp automations, from starting with templates to launching your automation.

Step 1: Prepare Templates

- Begin by ensuring you have the necessary WhatsApp templates ready. For guidance on creating WhatsApp templates, see How to Create WhatsApp Template Message.

Step 2: Access Automations

- Navigate to 'Automations' from the sidebar.

Image showing Automations in Sidebar

Step 3: Create Automation

- Click on the 'Create Automation' button.

Image showing Create Automation Button

Step 4: Choose Creation Method

- You will be presented with two options: 'Pick from Library' and 'Create from Scratch'.

Image showing options to Pick from Library or Create from Scratch

- Opt for 'Create from Scratch'.

Step 5: Set Up Automation Details

- Automation Name: Enter a name for your automation.
- Actions: Define what will trigger this automation. Choose an event.

Image showing Automation Name and Trigger Dropdown

Step 6: Advanced Settings (Optional)

- Expand and adjust the advanced settings as preferred.

Image of Advanced Settings

Step 7: Proceed to Next Step

- Click on the 'Next' button.

Image of Next Button

Step 8: Open Flow Editor

- Click on the option for 'Flow Editor'.

Image of Flow Editor Button

- This opens a canvas for the flow editor.

Step 9: Use Flow Editor

- Drag and drop a WhatsApp block into the flow.
- Click on the block to configure it.

Image of Clicking on the Block in Flow Editor

- The right side will display block settings.

Image of Block Settings

Step 10: Configure Block Settings

- Select the desired template and discount code.

Image showing Template and Discount Code Selection

Step 11: Save Automation

- Click on the 'Save' button located in the top right corner.

Image of Save Button

Step 12: Finalize Automation

- Click on the 'Close' button in the top left corner to exit the editor.

Image of Close Button

Step 13: Save or Launch Automation

- Finally, click on 'Save' or 'Launch' as preferred.

Image of Save and Launch Buttons

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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