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How to create Winback Automation in Shopagain


Winback automations are key to re-engaging users who have lost touch with your services. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for setting up Winback Automations on ShopAgain.


Before creating a Winback Automation, you must first create a segment.

If you haven't already, please refer to our guides on creating Winback Segments for Old Customers and New Customers.

Steps to Create a Winback Automation

Step 1: Access the Sidebar and Click on Automation

Log in to your ShopAgain account.
Navigate to the main dashboard.
From the sidebar, select the Automation option.

Image of Automation in Sidebar

Step 2: Create a New Automation

On the top-right corner of the Automation Dashboard, click Create Automation.
You'll be presented with two options:
- Pick From Library
- Create From Scratch

For this guide, choose Create From Scratch.

Create Automation

Step 3: Enter Automation Details

For the Automation Name, enter "Winback".

Automation Name

Step 4: Configure Actions

Under the Actions section, you'll be asked, "What will trigger this automation?"
Select Users Joins the selected segments.

Selecting Action type

Step 5: Choose Segment

Select the segment you've created earlier based on your strategy for targeting new or old customers.

Selecting Segment

Step 6: Click Next

Click Next.

Clicking Next

Step 7: Open Flow Editor

You'll be taken to the Flow Editor. Click on Open Flow Editor.
Follow the guide to Adding and Configuring Email Blocks in Flows.

Open Flow Editor

Step 8: Save or Launch

After setting up your automation flow, either click Save to draft or Launch to activate your automation.

Image of showing  Save or Launch


Setting up a Winback Automation involves several key steps, from creating the appropriate segment to configuring the automation's flow. This guide should help you efficiently navigate through the process. If you've prepared your segments as outlined in the prerequisites, setting up your Winback Automation should be a breeze.

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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