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How to Edit Email Templates and SMS in Campaigns and Automations

Editing email templates and SMS messages within a campaign is crucial for managing your marketing efforts effectively. This guide outlines the process for both single touch and multi-touch or automation campaigns.

Single Touch Campaigns

Editing an Email Template

Access the Campaign: Navigate to your campaign and click on the Edit icon to go to the campaign's details page.

Image showing the edit icon

Edit the Email Content: Click on the Edit Content button.

Image showing the edit content button

The email template will load in the template editor, where you can make your changes.

Template editor

Save Changes: After editing, click on the Save button to apply your changes. and click on continue to come back to campaign editor.

Save and Continue

Editing an SMS Template

Access the SMS Editor: For single touch SMS campaigns, click on the Edit icon next to the campaign.

Image showing the edit icon for SMS

Edit the SMS Message: Click on the Edit Content button. This will load the message editing screen, where you can modify the SMS as needed.

Image showing the SMS message editor

Save Changes: Click on the Save and Exit button to update the SMS message.


Multi-Touch or Automation Campaigns

Accessing the Flow Editor

Navigate to the Flow: Click on the Flow button related to your campaign or automation to open the flow editor.

Image showing the flow button

Flow Editor Overview: You'll see the visual representation of your campaign's flow.

Image of the flow editor

Editing Blocks

Select a Block: Click on the block (node) you wish to edit.

image showing a block selection

Block Settings: The block settings will appear on the right side of the screen.

Image showing block settings

Edit Content:
- For email blocks, click on the Edit Content button to open the email in the template editor.
- For SMS blocks, the editing interface will open directly on the right side.

Image of the edit content button for emails

Image of the SMS editing interface

Save Changes: After making your edits, click on the Save button to apply the changes to the block.

Finalizing the Campaign

After all edits are made, ensure to save the overall flow and then save the campaign to apply all changes successfully.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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