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How to send COD order confirmation automation

Create a WhatsApp template

Go to
Click on the "Create Template" button
Enter all the whatsapp template details and under button type select "Call to action"

Scroll down to the buttons section and click on "Add button"
Select Visit URL as action type, enter button text (ex. confirm)
Select URL type as dynamic and under Map website URL select CodConfirmUrl

Click on send for approval to save your template.

Create an automation

Go to and click create automation
Under actions, select trigger as placed order
Add property, select "Payment method", enter "Cash on Delivery (COD)" as the value.

In the flow, add a whatsapp block and select the template created earlier.

Identify confirmed orders

All confirmed orders will have the "order_confirmed_shopagain" tag added to them.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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