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Onboarding- Campaign

A campaign is a sequence of one or more emails & SMS that can be sent to your selected audience. There are different kinds of campaigns that you can create on Shopagain, to get started with, we will create a Campaign that sends a single email message to all of our subscribers.

Get started by expanding campaigns on the left menu and clicking on Create Campaign.

This will Open the Campaign Creation Workflow,

Let's start by giving the Campaign a Unique name.

Our campaign type will be Single Touch.

A single touch campaign sends a single message on a single marketing channel, whereas a multitouch campaign sends multiple messages on multiple marketing channels.

We want email to be our Messaging Channel.

Select an Email Template that you would like to send to your audience.

Enter your Subject Line.

We will add a First Name personalization tag to the subject line.

{{ FirstName }} will get replaced with the recipient's name when the email is sent.

Let's continue to the NEXT step.

We will send this email message to all of our subscribers.

Here, you can see some analytics related to the selected audience.

The delivery can be scheduled, e.g., send this campaign as soon as it is launched or at a designated time. Or it can also be delivered based on
the actions of your audience, e.g., when someone places an order, the campaign is delivered as a result of that action taken by your customer.
we will go ahead with Scheduled Delivery,

And Send the Email Messages as soon as the campaign is launched.

You can use Smart Batch Sending to send mass emails in batches instead of one shot. This helps mitigate Spam Landing.

You can review your campaign configuration on the summary screen.

Hit SAVE once you are done.

You can also SAVE AND LAUNCH your campaign immediately, or do it later from the all campaigns screen.

If you decide to Launch your campaign later, you can do it by clicking on the play button next to the campaign.

Once our campaign has been launched, all our subscribers will receive the email message in the next few minutes.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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