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Product events

Choose Product Event

When setting up automation in actions, it is important to select the appropriate product events. Follow these steps:

Choose Product Event

Select Audience

Choose who you want this flow to send to, people who:
- Started checkout with that product in their cart.
- Viewed the product.
- View the item or started checkout with the item.
- Belong to segments - choose segments(s) in the dropdown.
- Belong to lists - choose list(s) in the dropdown.

Enter the time period for when you want someone to have viewed or started checkout with the item.

Select Audience and Time

Product Properties

You can specify product properties to limit the products on which the campaign will be triggered.

Properties available on all product events
- Collections - restrict to products that belong to certain collections.
- Products - explicitly specify the products.
- Tags - only products containing this tag will trigger the campaign.

Price Drop Event

- Price drop percent - send campaign if the price of a product drops by a certain percentage.
- Price drop amount - send campaign if the price of a product drops by a certain amount.

Price Drop Event

Low Stock Event

- Quantity - send campaign when product inventory drops below the specified amount.

Low Stock Event

Display the Product Inside an Email

In the email template use the product block and choose "Price Drop/Low Stock/Product created" under the products type dropdown.

Display Product in Email

This guide outlines the essential steps for selecting product events when creating automated actions. By carefully choosing your audience, specifying product properties, and configuring the display in emails, you can effectively tailor your automations for better engagement and conversion.

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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