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Version history in email editor and how to use it

Version History in the email editor is a useful tool that allows you to view and revert to previous versions of your email templates. Here is how you can use it:

Step 1: Open Email Template

First, you need to open the email template that you want to view its version history.

Step 2: Access Version History

Once your email template is open, look for the Version History button at the top of your editor.

Email editor with Version History button.

Click on this button to access your version history.

Step 3: Explore Version History

You will now see a list of your saved changes, each labeled with the date and time of that version, as well as the user who saved it.

Version History view showing list of past saved changes with date, time, and user Name.

Step 4: Preview Version

If you want to see a specific version, click on the "more" icon (represented by three dots) next to the version you are interested in. This will open a menu with the option to "Show Preview".

Menu with the 'Show Preview' option highlighted.

Click on "Show Preview" to see that version.

This will open a preview in new tab

Step 5: Restore Previous Version

If you wish to restore this version, go back and click again on the "more" icon next to the version you want to restore. This time, select "Restore this version" from the menu.

Menu with the 'Restore this version' option highlighted.

You will then see a confirmation dialog asking if you are sure you want to restore this version.

Confirmation dialog box asking for confirmation to restore the selected version.

Click on "Yes" to proceed with restoring the version, or "No" to cancel and keep your current version.

Remember, using Version History allows you to easily revert to previous versions of your email templates, providing a safety net for any changes you make. Happy editing!

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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