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What is conversion event? How to use it?


When running multi-touch campaigns or automations, it's crucial to understand the role of conversion events. These events act as triggers that determine how a user progresses or exits a campaign. Let's dive deep into what conversion events are and how you can effectively use them.

What is a Conversion Event?

A conversion event is a specific action that a user takes, signaling the achievement of a campaign's goal. For instance, if the goal of an email campaign is to get users to make a purchase, then the event Placed Order could be considered a conversion. When this event is triggered, the campaign recognizes its primary goal has been achieved for that specific user.

Why are Conversion Events Important?

- User Experience: Ensures users aren't bombarded with unnecessary emails or SMS after they've taken the desired action.
- Efficient Campaigns: Helps streamline your campaign by focusing on users who haven't converted yet.
- Clear Metrics: Offers a clear measure of campaign success.

How to Use Conversion Events in Multi-touch Campaigns and Automations

Setting Up: During your multi-touch or automation campaign creation, look for the option to select a conversion event.

Conversion event section

Choose an Event:
- No conversion event: Campaign runs regardless of user actions.
- Placed order: User exits campaign upon placing an order.
- Site Active: Exit campaign if user is active on your site.
- Opened email: User exits campaign upon opening an email.
- Clicked Email: Campaign stops for a user when they click an email link.
- Clicked SMS: Exit campaign upon clicking an SMS link.

Selecting event

Review and Launch: After setting up your conversion event, review the campaign and then launch.


Conversion events enhance the efficiency of multi-touch campaigns and automations. By setting up the right events, you can make campaigns more user-centric and goal-oriented. The essence of a conversion event is to stop communicating once the desired action is taken, ensuring a better user experience and effective campaigns.

There is no need to add conversion events in this manner within a flow.
Inside a flow performed events

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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